Date Show Venue
05/24/2016 Kepi acoustic in Utrecht, Holland! with Paul Collins' Beat! dB's, Utrecht, Holland!
05/27/2016 Kepi and the Accelerators electric in Steinkjer Norway! Brød & Cirkus Scene Kongens gate 33, 7713 Steinkjer
06/25/2016 Kepi live at Brew Rebellion San Bernadino CA Brew Rebellion, San Bernadino, CA
08/13/2016 Kepi plays Hernandez Fest! Brownsville Texas!!!! TBA
11/11/2016 Kepi parties with Streetlight Manifesto! acoustic and awesome!!! Atlanta, GA
11/12/2016 Kepi parties acoustic with Streetlight Manifesto Orlando, Florida
11/13/2016 Kepi acoustic partying/playing with Streetlight Manifesto! awesome! St. Petersburg, Florida!