MUSIC: Punk Rock Star Kepi Ghoulie Pops Up in Providence (show review)

From| July 14th, 2012

Some of the best live music experiences occur when the unexpected happens. And so it was this Thursday night, when my old friend Rich took me out for a brew at The Scurvy Dog, a classy punk bar in Providence’s West End.  We were settled in at the memorabilia-coated bar arguing about everything from Ron Paul, Mitt Romney & Barack Obama to Alice In Chains and their new lead singer, when the night suddenly got a lot more interesting. Local legend, guitarist for Hope Anchor, and co-owner/bartender aficionado of The Scurvy Dog, Terry Linehan, came over to us and said, “Just letting you know, Kepi Ghoulie will be playing a solo set at that corner of the bar tonight..."

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NEW! Kepi Ghoulie "I Bleed Rock 'N' Roll" Music Video

New Kepi Promo Pics

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Top 5 punk vocalists that rock the acoustic guitar in solo projects

From | September 5th, 2011

"Kepi must be one of the coolest people in punk.  His acoustic songs are simple and sweet, but still manage to make us dance.  Combine Kepi’s guitar strumming with a simple bass line and soft drums and you’ll get the best happy punk songs since the Ghoulies!"

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KEPI GHOULIE – I Bleed Rock ‘n Roll (Review)

From | November 25th, 2011

"I Bleed Rock ‘n Roll from Kepi Ghoulie – formerly of Groovie Ghoulies — is an album blessed with a catchy title. But does the music hold up? The album opens with the short and sharp “Rock and Roll Shark,” which seems to lay out the blueprint for the album with its lyrics, “‘I gotta keep swimming, I gotta keep winning!” This record does everything in its power to keep winning with song after song of catchy, deceptively simple rock ‘n roll...."

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Kepi Ghoulie bleeds rock'n'roll (Review)

From | November 25th, 2011

"When California punk trio Groovie Ghoulies disbanded in 2007, frontman Kepi, who had been part of both the original and final lineup, stayed true to the scene, the music and himself by continuing on with his own solo project. That solo project, for which he simply goes by Kepi Ghoulie, has become known for performing and releasing a fair balance of folk punk and punk rock material..."

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Kepi Ghoulie – I Bleed Rock N Roll (Review)


"Kepi Ghoulie is a Rock N Roll Shark who also happens to bleed Rock N Roll. Don’t believe me? Perhaps then you should check out Kepi’s new solo release, “I Bleed Rock N Roll”, out now on Asian Man Records. You might be familiar with Kepi as the frontman of the Groovie Ghoulies. Perhaps you’re not familiar with Kepi at all? Too bad I say. Either way Kepi is doing the solo thing now, and he’s doing it well."

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Moving, Shaking

From | November 30, 2011

"Most sharks are renown not only for their prowess as predators, but because they never stop moving, even when they’re asleep. They do so in order to keep breathing. Such is the case for local pop-punk impresario Kepi Ghoulie, who lives in a state of perpetual motion as far as his music career is concerned. In fact, his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle even inspired the song “Rock ‘n’ Roll Shark” on his upcoming album, to be released Nov. 29, 2011 on Asian Man Records, aptly titled I Bleed Rock ‘n’ Roll. Funny enough, Kepi says he wrote that song while hiking Mount Shasta, singing into his iPhone..."

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