Back in California!

Greetings! Back in California after a bunch of East Coast adventures!! Shows with Chixdiggit, shows with Kepi Electric, shows with Vic Ruggiero, a wedding, an eartquake, a hurricane, and a domestic home flood in the homeland!!! but all is well!!

new shows posted and many adventures coming!!! Stand by for more!!

Hey everybody!!!

Welcome to Kepiland!!

This will be a place where you can come for all things Kepi related and more!!! We're gonna start with tour dates, because those get harder and harder to find on the social networking sites!!! The news section will be informal and kinda blog-like...after that we will have links to merch, art and all kinds of stuff...other musical projects will appear here, and tons more...input is appreciated, let me know what you'd like to see here and visit often, we're gonna try to keep it fresh!!!

Thank you so much and WELCOME TO KEPILAND!!!!