Christmas in Kepiland!!!

Hey everybody! Hope you are doing well!!! lots of new shows posted, including TWO Christmas shows at Luna's cafe in Sacramento!!! New shows posted for 2012 now too!!!

Thanks to everybody who came out to shows last weekend! there are tons of new hats, shirt designs, and more available at shows these days!!!

The limited edition test pressings are selling well at ! :)
If you are interested in one, you should get them there or at a Kepi show... if they end up in galleries the price could double!

Kepi art and music featured in FOUR Sacramento events this weekend!!!

Kepi art and music will be available locally at FOUR events this weekend in Sacramento!
I will have the new LP, CD, Kepi/Vic split 7", t-shirts, ornaments, RARE TEST PRESSINGS, and TONS MORE Friday night with PETS at my Naked Coffee show, all ages, 8PM....I will also be selling stuff Saturday night at Phono Select from 6-10p.m., and Sunday from 11-5 at the Sac Comic Con!!!! My stuff will also be available at MILK GALLERY Sunday day but I will not be there to sell it! go by and check out Sacramento's latest and greatest gallery anyway!!!! GOOD STUFF!!!!

"I Bleed Rock n Roll" Limited Kepi Art and Test Pressing offer!!!

In celebration of he release of "I Bleed Rock N Roll", Kepiland will be offering a LIMITED EDITION of 30 ONLY original hand painted 12 x 12 album art (either acrylic or watercolor), that comes with a vinyl test pressing of the new record! 15 are available for viewing/ordering right now at, (under Deal Of The Week), and 15 will be available exclusively at Kepi art and music shows!!! They are $150 each, that is the regular price for just a REGULAR 12x 12 Kepi painting, so you are getting a test pressing worth $50-$100 basically for FREE! Thanks so much for supporting the arts!!!!

Kepi Ghoulie's "I Bleed Rock n Roll" is OUT NOW!!!!

The rockin' new full length is out now! It came out officially November 29th on Asian Man Records!!! It instantly garnered a four star review in Italian Rolling Stone (thanks Italy!!!)... we had two amazing release shows: the first was December 2nd at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco!! The band featured Atom Bomb on drums, "I Bleed" producer Denny Muller on Bass, Dan Potthast on lead guitar, Angel Nova and Katy Lectrix on backup vocals and percussion!!! There were bats, monkeys, and Garagezillla, balloons, and a Quinn on tambourine!!! so crazy and fun! The next night a stripped down version of the band rocked out at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz with Smoking Pope Josh Caterer super jamming two songs on guitar!!!! Epic!!

December in Kepiland!!!

Hello! taking a few minutes to get caught up with everybody!
Hope all is going well, here's what's been up lately:
In October, I spent a month with Chixdiggit! doing their 20th anniversary tour across Canada! It was amazing fun (as it always is), and I got a lot of video footage for a little tour documentary! so fun!
Came home and played a great acoustic show with Jesse Michael's new band Passge Walkers, and Dr. Frank! It was so great, and Dr. Frank busted out an awesome acoustic greatest hits set!

Shows! Tours! New Record! Fun!!!!!

Hey Everybody!!! so much going on!!! new shows posted!! The new CD, I Bleed Rock n Roll, will be available for the Chixdiggit 20th anniversary tour in Canada!!!!! the Official Street Date is Dec. 6th, 2011, and we will be doing a special vinyl release show at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco Dec. 2nd!!!! with Hot Toddies and lots of Asian man favorites!!! Mike Park's Christmas bash!!!! So much rock n roll fun!!!