Kepi Ghoulie to team up with Mean Jeans for a two week tour this Fall!!!!

Kepi and Mean Jeans are going to tour together this Fall, for a VERY limited run, November 20 - December 6th!!! They have played a few festivals together but this is the first time they have toured as a package!! Mean Jeans (Dirtnap Records) have travelled all over the world with their hyper enthusiastic brand of party rock, and Kepi Ghoulie, celebrating his 30th year rocking with a new namesake guitar model, new records, and a set of trading cards, has plenty to celebrate himself, as if he ever need a reason! Kepi (Groovie Ghoulies, Haints, Chixdiggit, etc...) has made time in his crazy solo/art schedule to do this insanely fun tour with some great buddies of his, in the process creating a "not to miss" event!!! Join them!!!

Sumer tour season is coming!!!!

stay tuned here for updates!!! yes!!!

Andrew Hooper and Kepi created this new video for Kepi's song "I just wanted you to know" from the "I bleed Rock'n Roll" album... ENJOY !!!

The video was shoot during a trip to Los Angeles in July 2013.

Kevin Seconds & Kepi Ghoulie Summer Tour Kick-off Show at Naked Lounge, Sacramento!!! 27 July !!! All-Ages !!!

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All-ages show at Naked Lounge (1111 H Street, Downtown Sacramento).

Kev and Kepi head out for a month-long U.S. tour on August 1st and we would love to see you at the show.

All proceeds goes towards beginning tour expenses (gas, van care, tolls, etc. etc.). Your presence and support is much appreciated !!! Yay!!!