Kepi Tuesday update Sept 23, 2014

Hello Everybody! Hope you are doing well! It looks like Eastwood Guitars has started taking pre-orders on the Kepi Model: Airline Jetsons Jr., "Ghoulie Green".... There are only 36 being made, I will keep you posted when I find out how many are gone so far... Mean Jeans tour is booking up, dates posted on the site! This tour (Nov. 20 - Dec. 6) is only across the north so you may consider a road trip, I know some Californians are pondering a Seattle trip... This tour and Halloween at FEST with Chixdiggit will most likely be my last electric jaunts of the year, and shows with Mean Jeans are crazy fun! Hope to see you somewhere this Fall!


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Hey! Thanks for ordering the Kepi guitar!!! no real reason for "36" other than he makes the guitars in small batches... "dozens"? and it is my 30th year of making rock n roll, so that is probably as close as we can get.... or else wait six more years? no thanks! :)

Hell yeah! I just pre-ordered the guitar! It looks sick! One question, though : "Why only 36?" Is that number significant or just random? Whatever the reasoning may be, I'm extremely thankful to you and Eastwood for creating this monster. I have an Epiphone "Dr Skull" guitar that was signed by all three Ghoulies in Pittsburgh Pa on the Berry'd Alive tour. It used to be the coolest guitar in the universe. Now it's the 37th coolest. Thanks again!

ha! cool, thanks!! wow, you are working in Dubai? crazy! post a pic from there!!

Hi, I was in California back in 2010, some of my friends are still there we used to play guitar and sing songs in the back of our pick up trip.... i saw your blog on Google it reminds me old days... currently working in a web studio in dubai and life really su*ks.....

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