Upcoming Aquabats and kids shows! New shirts and tote bags!

Hello! hope you are well! There are new shirts and tote bags available at themachineshoprocks.com and at my shows! I am excited to play fully electric with the Aquabats at the House of Blues Anaheim on April 3rd!!! early show, 6pm!! get tickets NOW!!! also playing four "Kepi for Kids" sets at Treefort / Kid's Fort Fest at the end of this month!!! yay! More news coming soon! :)


Thanks for sharing Sarah! This is so awesome. I've been going through a bit of a slump with my instagram lately and this collection of hashtags makes me want to rekindle the flame!
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This is my first time making fried rice ever and it was fantastic! This recipe is so great and I also made the sweet and sour chicken which I am in love with. Definitely going to be making again!
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I think I may have screwed up by using low sodium soy sauce. It wasn’t quite flavorful enough. Has anyone else made this mistake before?
It was my first time making fried rice & still very good! Next time I think I’ll tweak it by using full flavor soy sauce, extra garlic & some chili sauce. Thank you for the great recipe for us beginners out here..
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